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Should I Shave with Hot or Cold Water?

| Tuesday April 7, 2020

This one is for all the men out there. More often than not, once we had gotten used to a certain way of shaving, we tend not be on the lookout for a new no-frills shaving routine. But, did you know: there’s actually a lot to ponder over before you drag a razor across your face, such as if you should shave with warm or cold water. Most men would think that shaving should be done with warm water simply because their fathers, grandfathers, or even the internet says so. But we beg to differ; We believe that men should be shaving their faces with cold water, for the following reasons:


1. Shaving with cold water saves time.

Imagine you were living in the 1800s and you needed hot water to shave. You’d probably need to gather wood, start a fire, and wait for the water to boil. Those are all fine if only you can afford the time to wait. Simply put: getting rid of face-fleece with warm water is a luxury, not a necessity. In the interest of time, shaving with cold works just as fine as shaving with warm water. All you need to do is to simply turn on the tap and shave with cold water and voila, you get to save those extra few precious minutes.


2. Shaving with cold water allows you to shave any time.

Working overtime in the office but going on a late-night date? Travelling abroad but staying at a place where hot water isn’t available? Broken heater at home but you have a client to meet? When the circumstances are less than ideal but shaving is necessary, shaving with cold water can just as easily do the trick.


3. Shaving with cold water gives a better and smoother shave.

Odds are you’ve heard many saying that warm water can soften your whiskers, thus giving you a better shave. But is warm water really the only option to soften your hair? Scientifically speaking, that’s not true. Water alone, no matter warm or cold, opens and closes the hair cuticle thus softening the hair. Moreover, cold water prevents your skin from getting too tender, shielding it from a cascade of skin issues such as nicks, razor burns and irritation while you’re shaving. Also, if you want a smooth, close, and most importantly, irritation-free shave, we can’t stress enough the importance of shaving along the grain instead of against.


4. Shaving with cold water keeps skin clean and youthful.

Ditching the hot water in your routine keeps your skin vibrant and healthy as cold water maintains your skin’s healthy moisture balance and retains its natural oils. Splashing your face with cold water also tightens the pores on your skin which helps prevent dirt from getting in.


So there you have it: why cold water shaving should be your next move. You may or may not be convinced, and we say experimenting is the key. Ultimately, shaving is much more than a morning routine. Treat your face with the respect it deserves. Commit to familiarize yourself with the best shaving regimen—possibly one with cold water—that has your skin’s wellbeing in mind.

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