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86H Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

86H Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

Rated CapacityLitres25405575100
Rated PowerkW3,000W 230Va.c. 50Hz
Approx. Heat Up Time to 60°C2032446080
Length (A)mm4606648681140973
Diameter (B)377461
Inlet & Outlet Spacing (C)150240
Mount Hole Spacing (D)320340478812632
Overall Width Heater Unit (E)418502
Total Distance from Wall (F)426510
Total Height from Ceiling (G)396480
Temperature Setting(°C)Factory Set 60°C (Maximum 70°C)
Temperature & Pressure Relief ValvekPa1,000
Pipe Connection SizesRp 20 (3/4'' x 14)
Shipping Weightkg1523283438

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