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Degrees of Efficiency

Being good stewards across our operations.

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Streamlining Sustainably
We strive for operational excellence, working smarter and more sustainably to consume fewer resources, generate less waste and ensure simpler, safer processes. With a mindset of continuous improvement, our global operations are evaluated for efficiency and impact on the environment. And, we're strengthening our goals and metrics to actively reduce our ecological footprint, while making responsible decisions that benefit us all.

Our 2025 Commitment to Responsible Processes

By 2025, Rheem® will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and achieve zero waste to landfill in its global manufacturing operations.

Better at Every Step

Throughout our production process, we’ve identified four key areas to focus our efficiency efforts. These are the areas in which we think we can have the most impact—at lowering our impact on the planet.

Consume Less Energy
Making millions of pieces of heating, cooling and water heating equipment requires a lot of energy, but we’re always seeking ways to use less—from lighting improvements to more efficient forklifts—so we can build more responsibly.


Conserve Water
Throughout the production of our equipment, water is a critical component, but we’re constantly making improvements to use less, waste none and ensure nothing that shouldn’t be in streams and rivers ends up there.


Reduce Waste
From our factory floors to our corporate offices, we’re constantly scanning for waste—both in processes and production—so we can find ways to avoid it or use it for something else.


Transport Efficiently
Moving equipment from our factories to our distributors and retail partners is an inherently not-green yet necessary part of the process—but we’re working with the EPA’s SmartWay® program to identify ways to make distribution more sustainable.

Going Green All Over

Pretreatment of metals at our Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, factory helps us avoid 1,500 metric tons of GHG emissions per year
Packaging updates at our Fort Smith, AR, factory have reduced cardboard usage, saving trees
Reprocessing steel dust in our Australian factories prevents more than 100 tons per year from ending up in landfills
Using inflated bags in our Waterbury, CT, factory instead of foam for packing avoids 26,600 cubic feet of styrofoam packing material per year

In Good Company

When it comes to sustainability, we are inspired by others. Here are a few companies whose sustainability efforts we admire.


More than just a manufacturer of beautiful fixtures, Kohler® is committed to keeping the planet beautiful as well.

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The Home Depot

We all know that The Home Depot® is all about doing. But they’re also about doing better.

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Providing millions of parts to millions of customers isn’t easy. Yet Grainger® manages to do it all sustainably.

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At Rheem, our goal is to build green and build responsibly. We are constantly looking at new technology to figure out ways to decrease our energy and water consumption at our facilities.”

Chuck SpinksProject Manager / Facilities, Corporate Strategic Sourcing
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Degrees of Innovation

We are focused on innovating with intent, engineering solutions with lifetime sustainability in mind—from material selection to smart features to responsible recycling.

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Degrees of Leadership

We hire and inspire our teams to be next-generation thinkers and responsible stewards of our industry, greater community and the environment.

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