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85VP-65SVP Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

85VP-65SVP Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

  • High performance and low operating cost
  • Self-sacrificing magnesium Anode rod equalizes aggressive water action and prolongs heater lifespan
  • Thermal cut out to avoid overheating and prevent scalding
  • Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve to prevent excessive temperature and pressure in inner tank
  • Maximum working pressure of 10bar (150psi)

    Tank CapacityUSG610152030
    Stainless Steel ElementVoltage240V
    Operating Weight (Kg)405783108156
    Heater Dimension(mm)Diameter400400450500553
    Shipping Weight (Kg)1719263243
    Shipping Dimension(mm)Length469460510560620
    Current Draw (amps)6.25/12.512.5
    Over Current Protection (amps)15
    Approx. Heat up Time to 90°C (Mins)1931466192

    *Heat up time is calculated based on a 3kW, incoming temperature of 25°C. All pipe size for inlet and outlet -3/4 inch. N.P.T. All single phase

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