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EH Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

EH Classic Electric Storage Water Heater

  • Solid heater tank, long proven in millions of installation worldwide
  • Insulation protection with CFC free polyurethane foam and epoxy colorbond jacket
  • Cathodic protection with magnesium anode rod
  • Incoloy 800 immersion type heating element provided
  • Wall hung installation mounted bracket provided
  • Dual thermal control with surface mounted on inner tank
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve with highest protection against pressure built up

    Capacity (Litres)25405575100
    Heating Element Input (kW) (240V)3.0
    Shipping Weight1722253136
    Operating Weight (Kg)426280106136
    Heater Dimension(mm)Diameter370370370370458
    Preset Temperature (°C)65
    Approx*. Heat up Time to 65°C (mins)2337506992

    *Heat up time is calculated based on a 3kW, incoming temperature of 25°C. All connections in 3/4"BSP Thread

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