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RC Plus Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters

  • Heavy Gauge Tank with Blue Diamond Enamel Coating Layer
  • High Superior Quality Glasslined Heating Element
  • Water Inlet With Whirlflow Diffuser
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  • High density insulation foam for superior heat retention to reduce heating time and enhance energy savings
  • Heavy-duty and self-sacrificing resistored magnesium Anode Rod to counter aggressive water and prolong lifespan of storage water heater
  • Heavy gauge tank with Blue Diamond Enamel coating layer for added protection against corrosion in inner tank
  • Superior quality glasslined heating element for fast heating and long-lasting performance 
  • Water inlet with whirlflow diffuser allows for cold water to flow to the bottom of the storage tank while pushing hot water upwards, thus reducing time and energy to heat water 
  • 5-bolt flange on heating element to provide ease and convenience during product maintenance

Model RC Plus 10 RC Plus 15 RC Plus 30
Capacity (Litres) 10 15 30
Rated Power 0.25kW/220V 0.35kW/220V 0.50kW/220V
Rated Electric Current 1.13/220V 1.59A/220V 2.27A/220V
Max Working Temperature 75°C
Max Working Pressure 0.8MPa (8 bar)
Shipping Weight (KG) 9.5 11.5 14.8
Operating Weight (KG) 18 25 37.8
Dimension (mm) Length 365 395 445
Height 365 395 445
Width 293 338 383

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